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15th-Dec-2009 05:16 pm - I'll be honest...
I don't update because I hate my Lj username. I'm not really willing to spend money for a rename token but I've done to many things using this account that creating a new account would be a hassle. So instead I stick to commenting on the communities I've joined. :/
Breaking dawn Review, PART 2
More ranting and emotional divulgence ahead!

I finished it yesterday, the verdct is in:

Fail beyond all boundaries and should be completely rewritten to some degree of plot coherance.

1) Bella getting pregnant was just a mass of nessiebabyfail. Nessie also sounds like the loch ness monster, which leads me to think of the insult this poses to lake monsters everywhere.. Why could you not have picked a better name? Reneesme? Shit, I don't think I've been that cracked up about a name since Paltrow's Apple. I know, I know, it's fantasy, whatever. It's not really from personal expereince, but just to throw it out there- I've often seen willing teen mothers as the whimsical sort- who want their babies to have these gorgeous names and personality where they wish that their babies will love them where the rest of the world doesn't. A stereotype, yes, but Bella pretty much fits this kind of mold for me. Her lack of experience and maturity just reeks of this supposed perfection. Yet somehow, combining both your parent's and ste-parents names together to make baby name alphabet soup doesn't quite strike me as logical.

2) You cannot, I repeat, CANNOT just introduce new characters just to fill in plot hole or fabricate perfecthappylovely endings where everybody fucking wins. It doesn't really happen, and I don't see how Jacob can be happy being second best with the supposed "love of his life's" daughter. Did all Jacob's supposed "true feelings" just eradicate and blow up into nothing? A Fucking baby does not make it all okay.

3) Your flagrant use of potential stautory rape makes me want to hurl myself out a window. Jacob sees Nessie for the first time and... basically hurls himself at her in order to imprint her. It's like some kind of warped dystopia of dominant pedophilic urges.

4) The lack of character growth sickens me. Bella is as pathetic as ever. Edward as oblivious, and Jacob too much of a doormat. Nessie should be hung and quartered. The End.

In the end, I thought Twilight was good. New moon sucked shizz. Eclipse was a bit bettter, but never redeemed the series for me. Breaking Dawn plummets the whole franchise into the canyon of certain death. I'm really hoping midnight sun will be bettter, since it's basically the first book rewritten, and I like the first book, right? right?

there's quite a few people who look upon this series and book favourable. I can think of many in my classes- and they just rant and rave about all the same thing.  Among them are the absolute perfectness of the whole Bella/Jacob/Edward relationship; the supposed deepness of the characters and Bella's feelings. I don't see any of it, and I imagine many future conversations between them and myself where I basically shove breaking dawn in their face and scream: HA. Here's what's become of your beloved franchise that used to send you into orgasmic squeals of delight!

I don't think this book is redeemable for me. I'm not a rabid twilight fan, but this disappointed me more than Rowling's OotP. And even then, I could overlook it because it did contain some choice good moments for me. Blaargh. Maybe if I hung myself updaide down and beat myself with a rusty iron pole a few hundred time I would like it better.
31st-Jul-2008 01:15 pm - Breaking Dawn (first few chapters)
A resurgance of the dead is to be expected what with meyer's new book coming out in 2 days. Since I'm just reading it now... I wanted to get my thoughts out on the book so far before I finish it.

Major Ranting, random grammatical errors and word vomit ahoy. don't be offended and attack me or anything, I'm just taking this as an opportunity to rant.



Or at least of the empowered female kind, not exactly all women.

rant and SPOILERS beyond the cut! (seriously for those spoilers. don't read if you haven't read or don't want to, or if you love twiight with every fiber of your being)

6th-Apr-2007 11:32 am - All the World's Secrets
I'm feeling kind of nerd-ish and nostalgic right now, like I want to change the world in one breath kind of way. I seem to get in these kind of moods a lot, but then again, I've been reading the Hikago sequels and ending over and over over[x103029] again. Every time I read it I feel like crying. Or this kind of heavy feeling in my chest.

GAH, I'm such an over-emotional retard.

I've been listening to a lot of Dolores O'Diordan,(sp?) ad she's got the most amazing wonderful voice balrghh. And she half lives in Canada too so canadian pride right here yay ;). even though I'm the first to start cheering for China when Olmpics or whatever-the-hell comes on. fickle is me .

And now for more of my wierd <s>deeply earth defining and spiritual </s> rambles.

15th-Mar-2007 05:09 pm - Sporadic Update Time!
I've been a lazy fat pig this March Break. I haven't really done anything... of interest? of importance? of anything???? I feel as if I'm just vegetating. But vegetatng in front of my computer is actually rather time consuming, fun and interesting, so i might as well leave it as it is.

I desperately now want a ddr mat. No, I don't have a ps2, but the computer is the next best thing! There's just something not fun about using your fingers to substitute...plus it'll get me off my lazy ass and get me some exercise xDDDD Stepmania is god X_x.

Plus I'm feeling slightly drunk because my dad bought these alcoholic drinks and he insisted I try them because they were "really good". I don't think he realizes he's trying to feed me alcohol, and seeing as how I'm a minor, it's OK. HE DOESN'T HAVE TO.

pointless post. It just seemed obligatory to have a post come with a layout change. Which I didn't do early because -sigh- once again, I am a lazy ass. I think anybdoy reading this sees a trend in all my posts. laziness, non-commitment, and all around slow. I have friends at cawthra going: you're smart and all when somebody first meets you and when they look at your report card, but after they get to know you, they realize you're actually kinda stupid!

me: O_o. i guess so.

BUT. i'm smart where it counts XP book-smart, not street- smart.

Did you know Deltora Quest is now an anime? That screams CHILDHOOD right there, baby. I grew up reading Deltora Quest. But Leif is now BLONDE WTF. It's actually not that bad, which scares me and makes me pray for my sporadically appearing maturity.

and last of all STEPH B!! I know you're reading this because you told me so yesterday! (Which, by the way, was wednesday :P) Hi!
30th-Dec-2006 10:45 am - Wake up call
I start cringing when I read some of my past journal entries. they were only a few months ago too D: I think someway, somehow, I've won the award for stupidest posts ever. ok..moving on.

It's christmas break :/ yay for sleeping but nay for all the stupid parties I go to with my parents that are filled with stuck up people that like to tell me I'm fat. Or that I USED to be fat but I'm fine now. WHAT ARE YOU IMPLYING YOU ASSHOLE? It doesn't help that my mom is one of them. /rant. not much of a rant but what the hey, I don't feel like typing.

and so.

I like chocolate. I mean, I really REALLY like chocolate. At any given point during the day, I will be ating chocolate. just like right now. -munch-
14th-Nov-2006 08:15 pm - After a while....
so... i looked at my last entry and went OMGwtfiswrongwithmewasIhigh? all in one breath. and then i realized i think i was trying too hard to be funny. and it came out as a dead cow instead. so.

cawthra's started, and i'm loving it. people are so much nicer there, and it's the only place you'll see people dancing and singing in the middle of class/halls and it's not considered wierd at all. Nobody judges you, so go ahead and be wierd because everybody there is just a little bit special ;D

and...as with every single time I update this, I'm procrastinating about something. which is art homework for me. geezzzz my art teacher scares me. mr ball is his name. he's like a rock. the correlation between a ball and a rock is that balls roll and so do rocks. which is a little bit if think I learned today in art class when we were pairing up artworks with out teachers and person who sat across from me decided to choose a picture of a gigantic rock.

okokokokokokok i'm obsessed with shounen ai/yaoi. forgive me god but i am going directly against your laws against homosexuality and completely smothering myself in it. as in diving into a big pile of gooey chocolate kind of smothering. lovelovelove. but god? i still love you. i just happen to love gay boys at the same time. which is why only the ring finger knows is such the guilty pleasure for me. i blame nicole for everything so smite her, not me.

i am going to have art. every single day. for the next 4 years. all semesters. the down points of being a visula arts major. but what the hey, it's art. i like art.
31st-Jul-2006 08:07 pm(no subject)
OMGZZERZZ. it's july 31st. halfway through summer. I'VE DONE NOTHING!!! ha ha. ha ha.

pointless post.
24th-Jul-2006 12:10 am - FuN-kinda-shut up.
I got a tablet. it is absaolutely beautful ansd spiffy and i love it. got to get used to it, but it is still amazing. it will be my love child. i will hug it and draw on it and keep it forever. /end obsessive wierd scary freaky thing.

i also went to the chinese LANTERN festival! at ontario place! the stuff there is so pretty it's not even funny. even prettier when it's nighttime. it was so much fun since we went on the log water ride thing at 11:00pm since it was free. it was cold. coldcoldcoldcodlcodl bhs;hdwhoh but worth it. cuz it was free. yes.

hoo. the pictures: (they are links for all the wierd people who don't understand. mishellecough)
day-time shots:
picture 1
picture 2
picture 3

night time shots:
picture 1
picture 2
picture 3

and i hope steph b reads this, cuz then i can redirect you to my reply to your comment on my previous entry! go read it!
19th-Jul-2006 12:04 am - adjective. i think.
<td align="center"> lilaznstar --

A real life terminator

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

oh man. a terminator. -accidently shoots herself-

sad thing is. that'd probbly be actually something i'd do.

Dramacon now owns my soul. =o. i want 2nd volume to come out. now. pleaseeeeeeee
i also went to p mall today. and got COSPLAY STUFF!!111!!eleventy!!one! going as gothic lolita. i look very spiffy. i think. or at least my mom says so when she made me dress up in everything i'd bought so far for her. not that she used the word spiffy. i just added that in myself. ;D
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