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I Don't shine if You Don't Shine
a masterpiece in everything, but only if you look..
All the World's Secrets 
6th-Apr-2007 11:32 am
I'm feeling kind of nerd-ish and nostalgic right now, like I want to change the world in one breath kind of way. I seem to get in these kind of moods a lot, but then again, I've been reading the Hikago sequels and ending over and over over[x103029] again. Every time I read it I feel like crying. Or this kind of heavy feeling in my chest.

GAH, I'm such an over-emotional retard.

I've been listening to a lot of Dolores O'Diordan,(sp?) ad she's got the most amazing wonderful voice balrghh. And she half lives in Canada too so canadian pride right here yay ;). even though I'm the first to start cheering for China when Olmpics or whatever-the-hell comes on. fickle is me .

And now for more of my wierd <s>deeply earth defining and spiritual </s> rambles.

I'm feeling at such a loss, but I don't know. Like how I have friends but since I'm friends with a lot of different kinds of people, I don't really have a place I belong. And then I wonder if I'm just one ofthose kids who wanders and thinks they're friends with everyone but secretly everybody hates me. It depresses me and I wish I had one of those real friends I could talk about everyevverything with. Or how I don't really know wtf I'm doing right now or what I want in the future.

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